Program Young R&D Engineer

WHO is a Young R&D Engineer?

Young R&D Engineer is YOU – student heading to the final year of graduation of II. degree of university with theoretical knowledge, who is not only looking for a job, but is interested in supplementing their knowledge in a practical way as well as willing to boost its language skills. We are focused on Electrics and Mechatronic students, if you are determined, let us know also with different technical study program.

ATTENTION: to participate this program, you need to apply during/after fourth grade (during/after 1st grade of II. Degree), while the program runs during graduation year – the 5th one (or the 2nd grade of II. Degree).

School studies Schaeffler offers
I am in Second/Thrid grade (2./3. year of Bc. degree) Scholarship internship at R&D (40hrs/month)
I am in Fourth grade (1. year of Ing. degree) Young R&D Engineer Program (SVK+DE)
I am in Fifth grade (2. year of Ing. degree) We keep our fingers crossed for you at final exam, then you can apply for job at

WHY the Young R&D Engineer program?

In the Young R&D Engineer program, we search for, select and train skilled students, suitable future employees of the R&D department. Getting to know each other will allow us, as well as you, our future employee, to better prepare for our cooperation.

What does the Young R&D Engineer program bring?

  • Complementing theoretical knowledge from inter-disciplines of one's own study focus
  • Deepening of already acquired theoretical knowledge and their connection to practice
  • Possibility (not a must) to work on your diploma thesis with us
  • Gaining an overview of the work of the R&D department
  • Training by experts from practice from Slovakia and Germany
  • Travel: Completion of the Erasmus + program for university students in Schaeffler Bühl or Schaeffler Herzogenaurach
  • Intensive language course
  • Wage
  • Time to decide which area will become Your life's work
  • Opportunity to show up and get the job of your dreams

WHEN and HOW long?

The program will run during graduation year (5th grade) from September 2022 to April 2023 You will spend 4 months in Slovakia and 3 months in Germany.

CONDITIONS for admission to the program:

  • Final year of a II. degree in the fields of: mechanical engineering, mechatronics, electrical engineering, computer science and various related fields
  • Active knowledge of English or German Note: candidates will go through a proper selection procedure

Note: candidates will go through a proper selection procedure


The programs are implemented in cooperation with universities: STUBA, UNIZA