Fresh reinforcements needed at our R&D center

Fancy working in the sphere of electromobility?

Why don’t you join our team at the newly built Schaeffler Kysuce R&D Centre!

We are looking to hire people who are keen to help us develop solutions in the sphere of electromobility as well as chassis systems for applications such as automated driving. Our clients are international customers from the automotive industry.

Today we have 350 colleagues, but we continue to grow. We have room for another 150 developers and specialists. We are looking for experienced professionals, young talents and fresh graduates alike. If this is you, let us know about yourself.

You can find application in several areas

Today, experts from the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering and virtual design work in the R&D teams in Kysucie. They connect the world of design and technology, new materials, functional approaches or applications.

We also offer opportunities for professionals in the development of chassis technology, electric motors, robotics and cybernetics. In the field of simulations, engineers with education in applied mechanics or numerical mathematics, as well as physics or thermomechanics can apply. We also need project managers and change managers responsible for a specific product or process.

Which job position is yours?

We create an environment where you have the opportunity to progress

Not only career development, but also personal development has a strong place in our company. Of course, we have a sophisticated training system, but also various types of programmes that ensure you feel comfortable with us from the start.

Here you will find friendly colleagues with a passion for innovation that will change the future of mobility. We offer you the opportunity to work on exciting international projects that can improve driving comfort, safety and vehicle range.

The uniqueness of our new research and development centre is underlined by the fact that many of the solutions we design there will also be tested and produced here.

Our teams are culturally diverse. No matter what country you come to us from, the important thing is that together we find the right "match".

You can find application in several areas:

Inovative solutions for vehicles of the futur

Students and e-mobility

Are you a student or a fresh graduate in a technical field thinking about realising your potential in e-mobility research and development? You’ve come to the right place! We have qualified mentors who are ready to help you with your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis. If you seek to gain experience in your field, we are more than happy to see you in our Schaeffler Kysuce R&D Centre to discuss the possibilities of potential cooperation on short-term projects. Young talents interested in technology and innovation are always welcome at our R&D Centre!

Work placements

Are you a student at Žilina University’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering or Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology? Fancy gaining experience within the scope of the Schaeffler Kysuce R&D Centre? Apply for a scholarship-based work placement, make sure you succeed in the selection process, and become a member of our team! Follow your Faculty website or email us with a request to be added to our list of potential candidates for a scholarship-based work placement with us.

Young R&D Engineer

Are you in your 4th year of university study reading mechatronics, electrical engineering or mechanical engineering, specialising in programming, information technology, physics or any other related field? Are you interested in designing systems for electric and hybrid vehicles? Send an application to the Young R&D Engineer Programme and enrol in a paid professional development programme with us. You will get a chance to apply your theoretical knowledge, gain skills and experience by working with professionals and receive much-needed support as you write you diploma thesis. On top of it all, you will be enrolled in an intensive language course that will allow you to work in an international team with ease and enjoy – besides your training at the Schaeffler Kysuce R&D Centre, that is – an Erasmus+ stay in Germany.

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    I’m a fourth-year student (in the 1st year of my Master’s degree study) Young R&D Engineer Programme (Slovak + German)
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