DTM premiere in the BMW M4 GT3

The modular clutch actuator shows just how closely intwined series production and motorsport are at Schaeffler. The system that has been tried and tested on the road had its DTM debut in 2022, with Marco Wittmann as a driver in his Schaeffler green BMW M4 GT3 #Greenmachine.

The primary advantage in motorsport is the extremely rapid responsiveness of the modular clutch actuator, which is connected directly to the starter clutch assistance. This enables a much more dynamic launch, which gains important split seconds.

The hydrostatic modular clutch actuator developed by Schaeffler achieves times of under 150 ms when opening and closing the clutch, making it as fast as the blink of an eye. On the one hand, this enables functions such as hill start and congestion assistance, protection from stalling, as well as vibration damping via slip control, through to switching between fully electric and conventional driving. The the system contributes to greater efficiency and CO2 reduction.

So the route from series production to motorsport, which is often the other way round for many technologies, was mapped out for the hydrostatic modular clutch actuator by Schaeffler.