People and Stories: Shooting with a racing driver

“The hardest thing for me was to keep a straight face,” says the Schaeffler Kysuce employee who played alongside racer Marc Wittmann.

Exciting on-track action, cutting-edge engine technology and world-class teamwork. For many years Schaeffler has been actively involved in Germany’s prestigious road car race, the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft). For the world’s leading automotive supplier, this partnership is an essential platform for developing new technologies and innovations that can be tested and presented within motorsport. Of course, racing also includes top drivers. One of them is Schaeffler brand ambassador Marco Wittmann, who is currently driving a Schaeffer BMW M4 GT3.

Marco also performs alongside several Schaeffler employees in an inspirational video discussing the link between the motorsport philosophy and Schaeffler’s values and corporate culture. Our colleague Miriam Chovanová also stared in the video.

Since when have you been part of the R&D team, and what do you do today?

I joined Schaeffler Kysuce in July 2020, but I had previously worked at the plant as a scholarship holder in the Industrial Engineering and Digital Enterprise department. Today, I work in the R&D department as SW Concern Manager. My role is to ensure that software bugs are correctly identified, analysed and fixed in developing of various mechatronic products according to the Automotive SPICE standard (Automotive Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination). It is the most important standard for process control, quality and software development that is increasingly present in automotive industry today. And its importance is also growing with the development of electromobility.

What do you enjoy the most about your work?

My work is exciting and very diverse. Each project is different, and there is room to discover and analyse something new.

How was the casting process for the corporate video? Did someone nominate you, or did they choose you for some particular reason?

The head of our department, Ján Klimko, approached me. He said that our headquarters in Germany would shoot a promo video with the racer Marc Wittmann and he would like to nominate me for it. I agreed, and that’s how our communication with the German team started.

How and where was the filming – did you get any script and instructions? How did you work with the crew?

Filming took place in a hall in Schaeffler Herzogenaurach, which the German team chose as a suitable location for each scene. Everything was new to me, and I shot some scenes five or ten times because the director had a clear idea of how the result should look. However, the crew was friendly, patiently guided us, and we laughed a lot.

What was the most difficult for you, and what did you enjoy? 

The hardest thing for me was to keep a straight face when the whole crew was looking at me😊. However, I enjoyed the entire shoot immensely because of the relaxed atmosphere and the chance to meet Marc live. 

Would you like to go into a similar project if you have the opportunity again?

I would do it again, and I recommend this experience to others.  

I heard you have some interesting hobbies. Can you tell us what helps you maintain a work-life balance?

In my spare time, I play the drums. In the past, I was in a metal band. I also like exercise and sports, especially running, swimming and hiking. I have also discovered the magic of martial sports Jiu Jitsu and acro yoga.