Young R&D Engineer

WHO are Young R&D Engineers?

Young R&D Engineers are YOU, graduate-level university students, entering your final year, looking for a job and wanting to put your theoretical knowledge into practice, seeking to improve your foreign language skills along the way. We are particularly interested in attracting students of electrical engineering and mechatronics, but feel free to contact us even if you specialise in a different field of technology.

Important note: Please note that applications are expected from fourth-year students (in the first year of their Master’s degree study) because the programme is designed to run throughout the fifth (i.e. final) year.

Study Schaeffler offers
I’m a second-/third-year student (in the 2nd or 3rd year of my Bachelor’s degree study) Scholarship-related R&D practice (40 hours/month)
I’m a fourth-year student (in the 1st year of my Master’s degree study) Young R&D Engineer Programme (Slovak + German)
I’m a fifth-year student (in the 2nd year of my Master’s degree study) We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you during your state exams. Make sure you see our job offers at afterwards!

WHAT are the benefits of the Young R&D Engineer Programme?

  • Additional interdisciplinary theoretical knowledge within your specialisation
  • Deeper theoretical knowledge and links between theory and practice
  • A chance (rather than an obligation) to work on your diploma thesis at our facility – your topic and thesis supervisor will be provided on the spot
  • A better overview of how our R&D department works
  • Training sessions led by experts from Slovakia and Germany
  • Travelling: Erasmus+ programme stays for university students at Schaeffler Bühl or Schaeffler Herzogenaurach
  • An intensive foreign language course
  • Salary
  • Time to make a decision about the professional field you want to focus on in your life
  • A chance to demonstrate your skills and abilities and get a job you dream about

Applications are open until September 2024.

WHY opt for the Young R&D Engineer programme?

The Young R&D Engineer programme allows us to find, choose and train talented students with a view to shaping them into suitable future candidates for our R&D department. The programme will allow us to get to know each other – you, our potential future employee, can familiarise yourself with our company and we can set things up together to make our future cooperation more effective.


The entire programme will run throughout the fifth – that is to say, final – year of your graduate university study, between September 2024 and April 2025. You will spend 4 months in Slovakia and 3 in Germany.


You must be in your final, graduate-level year and your specialisation must be mechanical engineering, mechatronics, electrical engineering, information technology or any other compatible field of study. You’re a speaker of English or German.

Important note: All applicants must go through a selection process.

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